Who is WP Eagle ?

Alex Cooper is the brains behind the brand, and on his YouTube channel he teaches affiliate marketing and WordPress to the masses. Alex stands out in the mist of “Wannabies” by actually being honest and a really nice guy. Every week Alex does a Livestream on YouTube where he helps people with their sites and questions, he also shows his projects and talks about strategies for his sites.   

Affiliate marketer


WordPress teacher

Some of my favorite WP Eagle quotes

“iiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn This video.” – WP Eagle

“In 10-9-8-7-No no I have to go now-6-5-4-3-2-how many clicks my last article gets? hmm let me check that for you.” – WP Eagle

“Niche or is it NIche hmmm I don’t know if I’m saying that right.” – WP Eagle

“Sorry I got a SuperChat we need to do the HORN.”– WP Eagle

WP Eagle on YouTube.

How did WP Eagle start?

WP Eagle started back in 2013, Alex had left his company as a partner in a Google AdWords agency and needed to find something else to do. He started doing a little consultancy for people in his local area, and after a while, he started his YouTube Channel. 

He started by sharing his skills one WordPress “The world’s most popular CMS system for making Websites” and that is still his passion. He does videos all the time and tries to help his community and followers to succeed in internet marketing.

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How did he get into internet marketing?

Well after high school he started as an apprentice in a small local company, where he helped install data cables. 

It was long hours and hard work, exactly what Alex didn’t want to be doing! It was a small company and he talked a lot with his boos, one day his boss started to give Alex a Self-help book and pushed Alex to get into sales instead and do something more with his life.

He soon started selling and found out that he was actually okay at it when he started to make a decent amount of commissions.

The book Alex got from his boss was the best selling book by Robert Kiyosaki “Rich dad Poor dad.” one of the best books on how to think about money and get rich in life.

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After reading the book Alex actually left the company to start his own thing. he started a wireless company that installed wifi for people. (That was waaay back in the days). 

He started to network a bit and meet a guy who was into Google AdWords, the guy did a bit of work with Alex’s site and suddenly he started to get big clients.

To say it mildly Alex got intrigued by the magic of AdWords and started to work with the guy as a partner. The company was doing really good and they got a couple of really big clients. 

They became Google partners and got invited to Google’s main office in California… Well, everything was going good, but that all changed when they got an investor into the company, the investor tried to change Alex to a suit and tie-wearing snop.

Alex ended up selling his part of the company and left.

After some time, Alex created his Youtube channel WP Eagle and that is what he is still doing to this day. 

You can find his official site here if you want to know more. WPEagle.com

The WP Eagle Live Show

Every week Alex does a popular live YouTube stream, where he takes questions, helps with site reviews, and shares his income from his channels.

Everybody is welcome to jump in and say hello to one of the most chill and helpful live streamers on YouTube. WP Eagle Youtube

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