Who is Pat Flynn ?

Pat Flynn is a Self-employed entrepreneur that does pretty much everything in the digital space. He has a podcast, a YouTube channel, he writes books, he’s an inventor and he does keynote talks. But the most inspiring thing about it all, is his down to earth mentality and his focus on helping people out.    






Some of my favorite Pat Flynn quotes

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Pat Flynn

“Failing means we missed the mark, but it doesn’t ever mean we’re done.” – Pat Flynn

“In other words, a sure-fire way to predict the future is to take no action at all. When you do nothing, you get nothing.” – Pat Flynn

“There are a ton of ups and downs, and many times our highest points come immediately after our lowest.”– Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn on YouTube. A man you can learn a lot from.

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How did Pat Flynn start?

Pat Flynn started his adventure by getting fired! Yes, you heard me right, he actually got laid off as an architect and moved back in with his parents. 

That was probably the best thing that could have happened to him because that was when he started to pursue his own”Smart Passive Income”.

Pat has done hundreds of podcasts over the last decade and interviewed some of the biggest names in internet marketing and entrepeneurship, people like Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk,  Hal Elrod, and Ramit Sethi. You can learn loads of practical skills and insider knowledge by listening to his podcast as I did.

His Podcast was his main focus for many years but has shifted a little towards YouTube now and does a ton of great videos there. If you like affiliate marketing and want to learn about selling a product just take a look at Pat, he has pretty much perfected it.

Now who is Pat Flynn really?

Pat Flynn is probably one of the most likable people in internet marketing, he is a family driven man and you really get the feeling that everything he does, is to give his family a better future. I can personally say that he is a BIG role model for me!

Pat has what I am aiming for.. an exciting “Job” where you can be creative and still have time for your family. Everything that’s worth something in life takes time, you need commitment and a drive to make it happen.

Pat just seems to be able to do “Everything” at once and it’s a little hard to comprehend 😛 He must have a big team behind him, because he’s involved in soo many things but is still managing it all quite well. 

Pat Flynn and the SwitchPod

Some of you might know about the Switchpod, it’s a tripod for Vlogging made out of lightweight aluminum to make it easier for one-handed deployment.

Pat and his partner Caleb saw a hole in the market and that hole was only filled by one product, the GorillaPod. 

The gorilla pod is a good and versatile product but it does have flaws and that’s where the SwitchPod comes into the picture.

Here we have Peter McKinnon's review of the SwitchPod. Mckinnon has one of YouTubes most popular channels about photography

Pat Flynn's books

Pat has done a couple of books about starting projects and building a successful business. “Will it fly?” is his latest book, and it goes through all the aspects of starting a project. 

One of his other books “Superfans” is about building a fanbase by standing out in a crowd, and get people to follow you for you, and come back for more.  

Find all of Pat Flynn’s books right here and get a free book of your own choosing from Audible Click here

If you want to know more about Pat Flynn you can head over to his official website PatFlynn.com  go find his podcast SPI  or find him on his Youtube channel where he shows and talks about all his projects and adventures Pat Flynn YouTube.

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