Who is Gary Vaynerchuk ?

Gary Vaynerchuk also known as “Gary Vee” is one of the best-known marketing podcasters in the World. He is the founder and owner of VaynerMedia a giant Social media company and VaynerX a successful communications company. Gary has a super popular show “DailyVee” a video series on YouTube that shows Vaynerchuk’s life as a businessman.  






Some of my favorite Gary Vaynerchuk quotes

“How you make your money is more important than how much you make” – Gary Vee

“There’s no such thing as perfect. Chasing ”Perfect” is the shortest road to not achieving it.”– Gary Vee

“Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.” – Gary Vee

“Developing your personal brand is key to monetizing your passion online.” – Gary Vee

Gary Vee on YouTube. This man is "Bussiness"

How did Gary Vaynerchuk start?

Gary started his entrepreneur adventure when he was only 14 when he joined his family’s retail-wine business.

After college Vaynerchuk assumed day-to-day control of his father’s  store, “Shopper’s Discount Liquors.” Gary then renamed the store to Wine Library and launched sales online, then in 2006 he started the Wine Library TV, a daily webcast covering wine and everything surrounding it.

Through e-commerce and strategies, Vaynerchuk managed to grow the business from $3 million a year to $60 million a year, and that’s what implementing the right social media strategies can result in.

His company VaynerMedia provides social media and strategy services to Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Anheuser-Busch, and PepsiCo. VaynerMedia has over 600 employees and in 2016, it grossed over $100 million in revenue.

The Gary Vaynerchuk podcasts

Gary has several podcasts that are insanely popular, You can go to his official site to find them all: GaryVaynerchuk.com.

He talks about his daily life as the CEO of VaynerMedia and all his side projects. He does interviews with the biggest names in the industry like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Larry King, Casey Neistat, and Eric Thomas.  

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Gary Vaynerchck books

Gary has written 4 bestseller books on marketing and business, my favorite books are “Crushing It” and “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook”. 

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” is about giving giving giving and then asking, give more than you ask for and it will reward you in the long run. It teaches you how to grow on social media and build a following, what kind of strategies you need to learn and implement.

Crushing It” Will teach you to make your personal brand, what you need to make it in a social media world. Learn to use Facebook business pages to get discovered, find people to collaborate with, and find likeminded people. HE will teach you about the biggest platforms you need to be on like Musically, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Podcasts.

Find all of Gary’s books right here and get a free book of your own choosing from Audible Click here

Gary Vaynerchuk Networth

Soo what kind of money can a successful guy like Gary accumulate? Well, sources say that he’s worth a staggering $200 million.

That’s reeeeally impressive! And if you follow Gary and have seen or heard him before! You know that he won’t stop until he wins this game 😛 Only time will tell how big Vaynerchuk will grow his empire. 

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