What is Income School ?

Income School is a Youtube channel made by the two partners Rick Keesler and Jim Harmer. They teach people how to make money on the internet by creating niche sites and blog posts. For people that are new to affiliate marketing, their channel is probably one of the best places to start learning. They are honest and down to earth guys with a family-minded attitude.  






Some of my favorite quotes by Rick and Jim from Income School

“Stop  buying  keyword  tools”
– Income School

“Add your personality to every piece of content.”– Income School

“Keep a ‘hit list’ of articles to write.”
– Income School

“Make your content extremely helpful.”
– Income School

Income School on YouTube. That's just how they roll.

How did Income School start?

Rick and Jim are to friends from Idaho that went to high school together. After high school, Jim went to Law School and Ricky went and got an engineering degree. After years of “normal” work, they got wind of affiliate marketing and blog posting.

Jim started a little before Rick and got a little lucky with some of his things and found out that earning money online was actually possible. After that Rick jumped on board and together they managed to make this into their fulltime income. 

Over time their company has grown into 50 employees that help them produce and grow high-quality niche sites. They have actually bought a house just to fill it with young students that they can train. 

Why are they so popular?

Well, just so people understand “What they teach, works” They are straight shooters and they don’t play around with grey hat things to get ahead. They don’t use link building and they don’t use keyword tools, they just write clean high-quality content the way Google wants it.

You can learn a ton of different technics around the net to “outsmart” Google, but every time there is an update to their search algorithm you could lose everything. 

If you use their teachings and proven logic, you will rank high and get tons of traffic by serving Google the right type of content. I don’t see Google deranking helpful high-quality content anytime soon.

Google’s most important job is to answer your search with the best and right piece of content every time. That’s why Rick and Jim’s strategy will keep on working for many years to come.

Project 24

Project 24 is their paid course, and to answer quickly ‘Yes it is worth the money’ If you are new to this game, you can use months trying to figure out what to do and how. That’s where Project 24 comes into the picture, it’s a comprehensive step by step course to guide you through everything, and the goal with it all is to be earning a fulltime income after 24 months.

I am not a member myself, because of my background in computer science, I didn’t feel that I needed more help than the free videoes on their Youtube channel, which you can find right here Income School YouTube.  

If you are more interested you can go to their official website right here (IncomeSchool.com) and learn more about everything they do and how. If you want to know more about Project 24, it’s also on their official site.

Their own projects

They use a ton of their own sites to show people how they do things and teach you. 

They have sites about:
Pontoon boats

Just to mention a few so you get an idea of what they are about.

But as I mentioned earlier, they have a ton of outsourced writers to do most of the heavy lifting for them, when you have 10-20 big sites you just can’t do it by yourself.

I have a couple of these sites myself and I do understand why they leave most of the writing to others, it’s really time-consuming, and if you have a company to run you just don’t have time to write a 4000-word article.  

Be careful out there when you are new and want to learn there are hundreds of channels and websites that will help you, but 99% of the time they just want your money and try to sell you an expensive course which most of the time won’t really help.

I have done the leg work and the people on this site are the people you can trust to give you the best lectures on their specialties. 

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