Who is Wholesale Ted ?

Wholesale Ted is a YouTube channel run by Sarah Crisp a young entrepreneur who specializes in e-commerce and dropshipping. On her YouTube channel, she helps people to start their first webshop and how to run products and write descriptions work out a strategy. All in all, if you are going to start your first webshop, you should jump over to her channel and get a couple of pointers.  





Facts about Sarah Crisp

“At 23 years old she was already
earning $100.000 a year” 

“At 15 years old she earned
$1000+ in a single day”

“Dropped out of college to go all-in
on her webshop business ”

“Sarah is really nerdy
but in a super cool way ”

Sarah Crisp talks about how she started when she was 15

Sarah Crisp and who is Wholesale Ted?

Ted from the Wholesale Ted partnership has gone on to new projects, Sarah now runs the company by herself and remains passionate about providing the best educational videos surrounding dropshipping on YouTube.

One of the cool things she does on the channel is that she reviews viewer shores and give tips to improve on them. She goes into pictures, descriptions, and even design.

How did Sarah start?

Sarah started when she was only 15 years old by flipping Nintendo games. She bought games from the US and sold them to local Gamestop shops in New Zealand. She found cheap games that they didn’t have in NZ and sold them as exotics.

She opened a webshop where she sold imported games, which was a big success for her and a great start at a very young age as an entrepreneur. 

Wholesale Ted also does a course on starting your first shop with Shopify to make it all easier and more beginner-friendly.

You can find her Free course at the official website right here: WholealeTed.com 

and you can find the YouTube channel here: Wholesale Ted. which has over 500.000 followers.

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